Other Ottawa LGBT Sports

GOV_Website_LogoGay Ottawa Volleyball (GOV)

Gay Ottawa Volleyball (GOV) is a group of people from the gay and lesbian community who meet every Monday and Wednesday nights from September through May for fun nights of volleyball in the nation’s capital. Mondays are recreational and the Wednesdays are competitive with fixed teams.


 ofr-logo Ottawa Front Runners

The mission of the Club is to provide a safe and supportive space for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered persons, two-spirit, queers (GLBTTQ), and their friends in the pursuit of recreational running activities in the National Capital Region (NCR).


Ottawa Rainbow Rockers Curling Club


  wolves logoThe Ottawa Wolves Rugby Football Club

The Ottawa Wolves form a Rugby Football Club for men and women in Canada’s National Capital Region. The Club was founded by Carl Pilon and Jay Smidt in 2008 with the mission to promote and encourage participation in rugby among those who have traditionally been under-represented in the game. The team is predominantly gay, but diverse in its make-up, and inclusive of everyone.